Luca Anzalone is an Italian emerging artist born in Parma, 4th of May 1995. After his Diploma in

Agriculture and applied sciences, he moved to Bournemouth at the age of nineteen.


He started his academic studies at the Arts University Bournemouth and whilst studying, assisted many London based fine art and fashion photographers; expanding his technical knowledge and developing his visual and emotional voice. He graduated in Photography with 1st class honours in July of 2017.


Luca’s aesthetic is both impassioned and sophisticated with strong storytelling themes achieved through his graceful use of tones and juxtaposition of details. His work has a tactile essence due to Luca’s obsession with organic texture, touch, and light, helping to bring his photographs to life.


Luca’s attachment to nature pushes his creative process to a multi-dimensional space delicately

achieved through diptychs and installations.